Outlet Art Co.
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plug into your creativity.

Based in Nashville, Tennessee, Outlet Art Co. provides creative art-making events, parties, and workshops for kids and adults. Outlet Art Co. is a mobile art studio: we come to your home, workplace, school, community center, or event. Outlet Art Co. seeks to connect participants, regardless of artistic ability or experience, with their own creativity through relaxed, approachable, and enriching art-making experiences.


find your outlet.

Private parties

Creative, relaxing, and fun, our private art parties for kids or adults give participants a chance to connect with each other while making a unique work of art. Host the party at your home, community center, or place or worship, or let us find the perfect location.


Join Outlet Art Co. at one of our public art-making events in the Nashville area. Our art events are hosted at local businesses & venues, and give you a true creative outlet in a fun and encouraging environment. Want to bring Outlet Art Co. to your business or event? We can create art mixers for adults, drop-in art stations for kids, art demonstrations, and more. 


Let Outlet Art Co. create a custom art-making workshop for your business, organization, or social group. Our workshops provide a space for participants to build community, have fun, and challenge their creativity. Contact us to discuss your ideas and learn more about how Outlet Art Co. can help your group connect, reflect, and create together.



creativity isn't following instructions.
It's not how much your painting looks like the example.
it isn't skills or technique or talent. 

creativity is starting from point a and finding your own path to point b.
it's taking inspiration and running with it.
it's harnessing what you know and what you have yet to learn to make something that has never been made before and will never be made again.

creativity is in you.
Plug into it.
channel it.
and find your outlet.   

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